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Countdown To Spring: 4 Landscape Maintenance Tips For Winter

by Emily Durgan | Thu, Feb 26, 2015

“What do you do in the winter months when the grass isn’t growing?”

That is the most common question I receive this time of year. People with a passion for beautiful landscaping use the month of February to plan for spring. When the landscape looks as bleak as it does now, it is sometimes easier to use your imagination and envision a landscape completely upgraded and full of life.

With spring quickly approaching, the following landscape maintenance tips should definitely be on your to-do list.

Perform Landscape Irrigation Maintenance

The first and most important preparation we do in the winter is take a closer look at the irrigation system. With winter is a great time for landscape irrigation maintenanceirrigation emergencies at a minimum, we have the time to identify areas for improvement.

In many cases we find if an area is bare, inadequate irrigation is the problem. We have noticed recently some damage to the seals on irrigation heads due to a hard freeze earlier this month. This is something to mention to the service provider for your landscape.

Contractors, property managers and homeowners should have their landscape irrigation systems audited to ensure any winter damage is addressed and the system is online and ready to run efficiently in the spring. This step is critical for a successful audit this time of year, as we are currently on a one time per week water schedule for all areas.

Evaluate Current Plantings

The next step we take is evaluating our existing plants. Generally, we get a close look at all perennials and tropical plants during the winter cutbacks. This is also the time of year to remove dead wood from deciduous trees like Crape Myrtles.

Dead wood is easier to spot in the winter. Limbs that have died are often a different color and my have a dry, cracked appearance.

Add New Plantings

Spring is the best season to install new plantings or sod for our area. This is especially true for palms and other tropical plants. All plants benefit from having a full growing season to establish before next winter. We are working closely with our clients at this time to help them realize the plans they have for their landscape prior to the busy summer season.

Take Soil Samples For Testing

Now is the time to begin applying products to the lawn that will help prevent warm season weed germination. landscape maintenance tip — sample your soilMany questions revolve around what to do when it comes to lawn care in the spring. The following are some tips to ensure your lawn lives up to its potential this season.

Taking a soil sample to your local extension agent is a good idea this time of year. Soil samples in turf areas provide the information needed to determine if lime or sulfur needs to be applied and also where the nutrient deficiencies occur. It can also help determine what type of fertilizer is needed on the turf or in bed areas.

Different turf types require different levels of nitrogen. Centipede turf requires the least amount of nitrogen of the turf types in the neighborhood. St. Augustine requires an average amount of nitrogen. Zoysia typically has the highest nitrogen requirement of the three varieties approved for the neighborhood.

Knowing the soil pH and applying the products necessary to adjust the pH are critical steps prior to applying fertilizers. Applying fertilizer while plants and turf are still dormant is a waste of product and money.

Proactive Landscape Maintenance Makes For Healthy Lawns And Landscapes

To make sure your lawn and landscape are in the best possible shape this spring and beyond, reach out to the lawn and landscape maintenance experts at GreenEarth.

As a commercial and residential landscaping company, we are ready to discuss a comprehensive annual schedule to maintain the landscape on your residential or commercial property. Give us a call at our Panama City Beach office at (850) 236-1959, or call our Santa Rosa Beach office at (850) 267-0010 to set up a consultation.

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