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Turf and Shrub Management

Expert Planning for Commercial Landscape Perfection

Not All Turf Management Strategies are Created Equal

No matter where you live or what type of landscape you’ve invested in, a consistent fertilization and pest control treatment plan will make or break your lawn. That means year-round care, the right timing, professional-quality products and an expert eye for what your lawn really needs. 

Unfortunately, too many people rely on the untrained technicians of big-name companies who spray the same premixed solutions on every lawn. When your lawn is under the care of someone who can’t diagnose problems, it’s easy to understand why these treatments don’t get great results.

Are you trusting the right turf management experts in NWFL?
Turf management doesn't start when there's a problem; it's a long game

Another common mistake is ignoring your turf until there’s a problem. Not only is this strategy more expensive than routine maintenance, catastrophic damage to your landscaping can happen fast and require a longer time to recover from than most people realize.

Every property in our care follows a strict, year-round program, personalized for that specific turf, using top of the line, commercial-grade products. The timing of our treatments and fertilizers is exact, with problems like fungus and pests prevented, and treated immediately during frequent onsite evaluations by expert technicians.

That’s what it takes for perfection.

Care That’s a Cut Above the Competition

Personalized Turf and Shrub Programs

Your lawn isn’t the same as any other. That’s why every landscape in our care is frequently assessed in order for our team to mix and apply the best custom treatment solutions year-round.


Only the Best Quality Commercial Products

Commercial-grade products are powerful and can achieve serious results. Our highly-trained teams have the credentials to access and apply the industry’s best commercial products that yield results far superior to consumer-grade strengths. 

Safety First

All of our products are applied by licensed technicians and are safe for contact with both pets and people the moment the application is dry. We’ll even help to address community concerns and provide education about any of the products we use. 

A Highly Trained Team of Licensed Lawn Care Experts

Too many brand name lawn treatment companies premix the same chemicals for every lawn, then load it onto trucks for untrained technicians to spray. Our licensed technicians are trained experts who can observe problems on the spot and do the critical thinking to mix and treat your turf with the right, custom solution.

Our Turf and Shrub Management Services


Pre-emergent herbicides are applied to lawns in the spring and fall, to prevent the germination of weed seeds by inhibiting a key enzyme. In some areas of the world, they are used to prevent crabgrass from appearing in lawns.

We treat with pre-emergent herbicides to get the weeds before they grow
We also treat for post-emergent weeds with our commercial-rated herbicide mix


Post-emergent herbicides utilize a mixture of compounds to kill existing weeds and ensure that they don’t grow back. 

Pest Control and Prevention

Proactive integrated pest management and emergency treatments control the populations of grubs, ticks and other pests.

No more grubs, ticks or pest with GreenEarth pest control services
Keep your commercial property fungus-free with GreenEarth

Fungus Control and Prevention

Proactive fungus prevention is the best way to keep every types of turf healthy and is a critical part of your lawn care. Fungus has distinct identifying features that we are trained to identify, diagnose and treat as needed. 

Aeration Services 

Aeration is one of the best ways to get a thick, lush lawn worth living on. By removing small plugs of turf, the layer of dead grass buildup on your lawn (thatch) is penetrated, allowing more water, oxygen and fertilizer to get to your lawn's roots.

Aerate your property to promise thick turf growth next season
Sick of brown grass? Ask us about professional turf painting services

Turf Painting

Professional turf painting is a great option for making dull, discolored, or brown dormant grass look lush and green. Our expert technicians spray a diluted commercial grass paint for safe and natural-looking lawn perfection. 

Rye Seed

No matter how well you take care of your lawn, grass is seasonal. Planted rye seed is an excellent option for keeping your yard looking lush and green during dormant months.

Instead of traditional grass seed, opt for long-lasting rye seed
Fertilize your estate with confidence to keep bugs and pest away

Fertilization Programs

Regular lawn fertilization provides essential nutrients to your turf throughout the season, helping roots grow and naturally controlling weeds while making your lawn more resilient to pests and foot traffic.

Weed Control

Weed control programs can include a lot of strategies, customized for your turf. Treatments including pre-emergents can control pesky weeds like crabgrass before they become an issue while post-emergent treatments are used to knock weeds out after they’ve taken root.

"Bye, bye weeds" with GreenEarth!

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