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How We Partner With
Malls & Commerce Parks

The Professionals Behind Premium Shopping Experiences

Our expert landscapers work as an extension of your company, following the highest industry standards in safety, compliance and cleanliness. That means going beyond your expectations to anticipate your specific needs such as adjusting schedules for special events, doing more than one trash pick up per day or adjusting irrigation schedules around special store hours. 

When you hire the best, instead of the cheapest, you’re getting a premium service from experts in creating an atmosphere that attracts premium businesses. Your dedicated client relations manager will be onsite as often as you need and in constant communication to provide a level of service you just can’t get anywhere else.

Our commercial landscaping work on a Florida commerce park
Check out our commercial landscaping for Smart Bank

A partnership with GreenEarth means more than landscaping. 

We understand how caring for malls and commerce parks is different from other types of commercial properties. Your curb appeal not only needs to attract business and shoppers, you need your property kept safe and attentively cared for. We know how to meet the needs of your stores while keeping the needs of their shoppers in mind as well.

From informing security of alarms or unsafe situations to parking and staying out of the way, our teams anticipate your needs and personalize your service, every day.