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6 Hard-To-Ignore Benefits Of Hiring A Full-Service Landscaping Company

by Emily Durgan | Tue, Dec 15, 2015

From the pool cleaner to the house cleaner, to the plumber and electrician — it’s hard enough to manage a home. Add in the lawn mower, arborist, fertilizer specialist and irrigation company and it’s enough to drive someone bananas.

So it makes sense to have one company meeting all your landscaping needs, right? If you need more convincing, here are six hard-to-ignore benefits of hiring a full-service landscaping company.

Ease of Working With One Company

working with one full-service landscaping company means you only need one person to contact if you have a question

Maybe you’re the type of homeowner or property manager who likes to coordinate and track many commercial vendors and process stacks of bills. If you’re not, then working with one landscaping company makes your life easier.

One company can mow and fertilize the grass, plant the flowers seasonally, maintain the shrubs and trees, handle irrigation needs and oversee your entire landscaping. Our clients love that they only need to contact one person when they have a question or issue, and the issue is taken care of immediately.

No Finger Pointing

If there’s a problem, it’s nice to know that the landscaping company will deal with it. And there are no worries about one vendor messing with another vendor’s area, like touching irrigation controls they didn’t program, or trying to find sprinklers lines underground that they didn’t install.

Not only are there liability issues if a vendor breaks something or changes a system that worked fine before, but trying to ascertain responsibility for the problem is difficult when using multiple vendors.

Coordinating Services

using one landscaping company for various maintenance needs can be coordinated for the best interest of your property

By using one landscaping company, the various maintenance needs can be coordinated for the best interest of your property.

For example, when applying fertilizer, it’s usually watered into the soil so it can take effect. Do you want to give the fertilizer company access to your irrigation controls, without them knowing your watering schedule? Altering the watering schedule can kill your plants.

And with some chemicals, you don’t want the water to touch them for six to twelve hours after application. When the vendor applies those chemicals, there may be no way for them to know whether the chemicals will work, since they don’t control the watering schedule.

At GreenEarth, we like to apply fertilizer on newly mowed grass, so the fertilizer has access to the rich soil. When fertilizing, we do it a day or two after mowing the grass. If the fertilizer company doesn’t know when the lawn will be mowed, the fertilizer may not effectively reach the target soil.

Extra Set of Eyes

With one landscaping company managing a property, each specialist will look at the land with a different set of eyes. Our project managers are hands-on. Our maintenance manager has a degree in landscape architecture. We have a horticulturist on staff.

Each person has a different perspective, which gives more complete service to the customer. Our staff communicates with each other if they see a problem, and they work collectively to find a solution. It’s in their interest to make sure the entire property is well maintained, because they are responsible for it as a company.

Warranties and Guarantees

When GreenEarth installs landscaping, they give a one year guarantee if they also do the maintenance.

When we install landscaping, we give a one year guarantee if we also do the maintenance.

Why do we require the maintenance contract? If we’re maintaining the property, we have control over the irrigation, making sure the plants are getting what they need. We can adjust the amount of water in warmer and colder months.

When installing plants, especially on a large project, a few won’t make it. Perhaps a drip emitter gets clogged or the plant goes into shock when planted. Despite our best efforts, there will be some plant turnover in the first year, and we’re happy to correct that when we know the plants have been given the proper care.

And while we say we have a one year warranty, sometimes we extend that. For example, if a plant declines and it’s better to replant it in a different season past the one year mark, we’ll give you a credit and we’ll take care of that at the right time.

Higher Quality of Work

With a full service landscaping company like GreenEarth, the quality of work is generally higher.With a full service landscaping company, the quality of work is generally higher. Companies that do one-off projects don’t have to return to the property again. They’re in and they’re out, and on to the next project.

Companies providing continued maintenance after an installation project are motivated to make the landscaping look its best because all parts of the project are tied to the company.

Landscaping matures, so even if the installation blueprint says one thing, if the plants are growing in differently and it’s not working for the aesthetics, the landscaping company can make changes.

GreenEarth is Your Holistic Landscape Company

At GreenEarth, we know the importance of using one organization to streamline the landscaping process for customers. One point of contact and one company managing the landscaping from project installation through maintenance means peace of mind for the customer.

If you’d like a consultation or want to know what we can do to help you, give us a call at our Panama City Beach office at (850) 236-1959, or call our Santa Rosa Beach office at (850) 267-0010 to set up an appointment. You can also fill out the online form on our website to schedule a consultation.

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