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Turf problems in the Florida Panhandle

by Emily Durgan | Fri, Aug 02, 2013

A good agronomic program can make the difference between a beautiful lawn and one that is struggling to survive.   GreenEarth has a strong preventative program that we have perfected over the years that works on all turf types in our region.  However, even with the most effective treatment program there are still pests and weeds that can be a problem especially in the summer months.  

This summer the pests and weeds are stronger because of the mild winter and excessive rain that we have had.  These two factors have created a great environment for pests and weeds to thrive and for us to struggle to stay ahead. Below is a list of the most common pests how to identify them in your turf......stay tuned in the coming weeks for a focus on weeds.

Cinch Bugs

chinchbug_damageChinch Bugs are a pest that primarily target St. Augustine turf in this area.  If you notice your St. Augustine grass yellowing and deteriorating look for this little guy.  It can cause the grass to look like it is dissolving. Damage can happen quickly and treatment needs to be fast and targeted.  GreenEarth has a great treatment program for ridding St. Augustine and Centipede when necessary.  You can solve this problem and bring your turf back from this damage with the RIGHT program!

Mole Crickets

mole cricketMole Crickets like all grasses, so every yard is vulnerable for getting this pest in their yard.   You will be able to tell you have Mole Crickets because you will see disturbances in the soil, it will appear to be pushed up.  You may see an increase in predators such as birds that are feeding on the Mole Crickets, you may even see the Mole Cricket itself. These are one of the larger turf pests therefore easier to spot when they are crawling around.   They can be difficult to get rid of and they often come back but GreenEarth can take care of the problem.


sod webwormArmyworms love Bermuda and Zoysia turf but can also be foundin St. Augustine and can destroy it very quickly.  The like to eat the healthy tips off of the grass, when there are a lot of them the grass will appear to be moving.  This is unnerving to see along with yellowing of the tips but don’t worry WE CAN HELP!

Sod Web Worms

These pests are very similar to Army Worms. They are also only target St Augustine and Zoysia but not typically Bermuda.  In Zoysia the tips of the grass will look white in response to the damage.  Fast action is important to combat Sod Web Worms along with early detection. We have successfully treated many yards with Sod Web Worms!

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