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4 Small Landscape Enhancements with Huge ROI For Your Florida Panhandle Commercial Property

by Emily Durgan | Thu, Aug 07, 2014

4 Small Landscape Enhancements with Huge ROI For Your Florida Panhandle Commercial PropertyFirst impressions count! Whether your Florida panhandle commercial property welcomes shoppers or business people, diners or mostly tenant employees, the first thing that people see at your property is the landscaping. Landscaping in Florida is so much more than just grass. It includes the trees, flowers, bushes, lighting and hardscaping too.

Freshening up the property’s look with a few small landscape enhancements can greatly improve your return on investment. You could see more interest in renting vacant spaces, increased traffic (and sales) for current tenants, higher rent and lower tenant turnover.

What kinds of landscape enhancements are we talking about? Here are four to consider.

Add Seasonal Color

4 Small Landscape Enhancements with Huge ROI For Your Florida Panhandle Commercial PropertyIn the Florida panhandle, it’s a little harder to tell the change of seasons than it is in Vermont, for example. But each season is associated with certain colors and plants, and changing the flowers in a planting bed to correspond with those seasonal changes keeps the landscaping looking vibrant and new.

Those who visit regularly, as well as more occasional passersby, will take interest in seeing the latest colors and flowers and will come to expect that the property will look a little different each season.

Upgrade Your Masonry To Stone Or Brick

Are your sidewalks and pathways concrete? While durable, concrete often looks pedestrian and utilitarian. By changing some or all of your pathways to stone or brick, you can refresh the look of your property, making it look more upscale and vibrant.

The staff at GreenEarth can suggest some long-lasting but still economical solutions to replace concrete for a more attractive alternative.

Change Fencing Or Decorative Walls

4 Small Landscape Enhancements with Huge ROI For Your Florida Panhandle Commercial PropertyAre your fences and decorative walls serving your property well? Fencing often separates properties from one another, including parking lots. They’re often used to cover up trash containers and heating/cooling equipment, too. Brick and other types of decorative walls can be used for the same purpose. Plus, shorter walls might line pathways, small staircases or serve as a retaining wall in stepped landscaping.

Is it time for a facelift? Are your fence posts deteriorating or leaning? Fixing these border landscaping elements can make a big difference in a property’s look, and it’s easy to do.

If you haven’t looked at the materials available, now’s a great time to ask your landscape contractor — there are a lot of great products on the market.

Add Spotlights

Chances are that your property has good landscape lighting. (If not, that should be a high priority.) But assuming that the exterior of your building is well lit and your pathways and parking lot bathed in light at night for visitor safety, then it’s time to look at the “wow” factor. With just a few well-placed spotlights, you can highlight an architectural feature or stately tree, to make your property stand out even more.

We Can Help!

No matter what types of improvements you want to make to your Florida panhandle commercial property’s landscaping, we can help you figure out a high quality and cost-effective way to do it.

To learn more about commercial landscaping enhancements for your property, give us a call at our Panama City Beach office at (850) 236-1959, or call our Santa Rosa Beach office at (850) 267-0010 to set up an appointment. You can also fill out the online form on our website to schedule a consultation.

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