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7 Plants To Keep Your Florida Panhandle Landscape On Trend For Autumn

by Emily Durgan | Fri, Oct 17, 2014

7 Plants To Keep Your Florida Panhandle Landscape On Trend For AutumnJust like in fashion, you can enjoy trending seasonal colors in your yard. You can keep these rich colors in mind when planting fall blossoms.

This fall, trending colors for fashion include purples, royal blues, autumn reds, magenta and olive greens. In clothing, these warm colors bring a feeling of coziness, but in flowers they visually represent the changing season while also adding cheer, especially in the Florida sun.

In addition to flowers, you’ll also want to consider adding some larger foliage plants or shrubs that add size and texture as well.

Our cool season runs from November to April. Here are seven varieties to plant now for beautiful fall color that will last until the next trends crop up.


These stalks of brightly colored flowers bloom best in cooler weather. You can find them with flowers in almost every color, including red, yellow, orange and white.

They’re great for adding layers of height to your garden, since they grow tall, with flower buds starting at the bottom of the stalk, making their way higher.  


These intricately patterned flowers do well in the cooler Florida seasons. Their assortment of color combinations allow you to choose ones that would give you the look you want for your yard. Try out one with a deep purple outer color and blue and black interior, or the red plants with black interiors for a fall look.


These highly textured flowers come in a variety of colors that are fun to mix for a fall feel. Choose them in one color, like a rusty orange or a mixed color featuring petals that are both red and yellow.

Ornamental Kale

7 Plants To Keep Your Florida Panhandle Landscape On Trend For AutumnLooking for a foliage plant with striking leafy impact?

For a plant with great texture, try ornamental kale. These plants, which look like blooming lettuce, combine colors like green, magenta, purple and white, in organized layers.


The deep colors of the dianthus plant include magentas, dark purples and reds. While some are one solid color, others have a sunburst pattern in two colors (sometimes including white), making them more striking.

Some flowers have additional visual interest because of their notched petals, and the flowers are known for their fragrance.

Coral Honeysuckle

This bush has beautiful tubular flowers, red on the outside and yellow on the inside. They bloom year round, but in fall are a nice tie-in with any trees changing color. As a bonus, hummingbirds to suck nectar from them.

Mexican Sage

Another bush with vibrant colors, this greenery sprouts dark hued purple stalks in stunning abundance. Some prefer the red Mexican Sage which looks a bit different but has lovely flowers as well.

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